Work Samples

Please provide documentation of your work as a combined image-and-text .pdf document. Media samples should be accompanied by text indicating, (at minimum) media type and year of creation. For group works, be sure to clarify your individual contribution. You may also include embedded links within the document but links cannot serve as the primary portfolio presentation.

Important: The portfolio file cannot exceed 20 MB. To stay under this limit, please resize pixel-based images to 1200 pixels (10 inches) long side at 120 ppi and save in a compressed format, (.jpg, .png, etc) before combining images with text pages to create your .pdf document. Vector-based images should also be submitted on pages suitably sized for combination with text pages. If you wish the Review Panel to see any videos or other external media, please include a click-able link to an external host, such as Vimeo, YouTube, SmugMug, etc and make sure that the setting on the service is set to “public”.

The following gives guidelines for types of engagement in scholarship, professional activity and creative practice but are not exclusive. You may propose other forms of engagement not included, with a short rationale paragraph describing relevance.

Some examples of Academic Engagement and Scholarly Research:

  • Essays, books
  • Conference paper presentation, work accepted by peer-review journals, published reviews/articles/interviews, maintaining an academic/research field blog
  • Publication from degree thesis, significant research papers or research projects undertaken while pursuing a higher degree, data collection for a study
  • Mentorship of research students in other institutions, membership of advisory boards for other institutions
  • Collaborative projects with colleagues/students
  • Textbook reviewing/writing

Some examples of Professional Activity:

  • Maintaining a professional client practice
  • Documentation of work for significant industry clients
  • Authoring/co-authoring text or industry articles, maintaining a regular professional or field-related blog
  • Entering design competitions, group exhibitions, or exhibiting at industry/trade shows
  • Collaborative projects with other professionals
  • Conference participation, professional presentations, attending or presenting at workshops and seminars, screenings and film festivals
  • Professional memberships, Board memberships of professional organization, judge/juror of professional competitions and industry certification exams, advocacy for industry legislation/licensing and practice within state of federal government, involvement in software user-groups and their events
  • Professional mentorship, fostering relationship with creative professionals/practitioners in the field
  • Volunteering: in community related to field, as an industry tutor at high schools, as a creative practitioner, taking on pro bono work in your field
  • Professional certifications and continued education required to maintain certifications, maintaining CEUs, professional research/research in field of expertise, updating skills with industry software, taking courses in field of expertise
  • Panel reviewer for accreditation in other schools, consultant designing courses/materials for other institutions, writing text-books and materials in subjects outside of AiP teaching.

Some examples of Creative Activity:

  • Creative works-in-progress, sustained body of creative work
  • Evidence of an exhibition record
  • Published fiction/non-fiction pieces, reviews of or interviews with other practitioners, collections of stories/poems/essays, books
  • Collaborative projects with other artists/professionals
  • Films and videos that have been released or are in pre-production/production
  • Individual or collaborative web projects

Also see Title Rubric and More Examples of the Professional, Creative & Scholarly Engagement requirement.