Faculty Advancement Committee


This is a standing committee of the Faculty Assembly that meets on campus and online at the scheduled In-service and Mid-quarter meeting times, and regularly in between by teleconference.


It is the mission of the Faculty Advancement Committee to promote the collegiality, field engagement and excellence in teaching of the Faculty of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh through peer recognition.

It is the responsibility of the committee to design, manage, review and amend the procedure for conferring the advanced teaching titles of Associate Professor and Professor. The committee shall appoint and manage a properly constituted Titling Application Review Panel and endeavor to ensure a fair and equitable process.

Officers: Committee Chairperson, Committee Co-Chairperson, Ex-officio member from the Education Team

Who may attend the meetings: All interested faculty members are welcome to attend the campus and teleconference meetings of the Faculty Advancement Committee, regardless of department or program, full- or adjunct status. Anyone wishing to attend for the first time should contact the committee chair to be notified of the date, time, place and platform for the meetings.

Decision-making: Decisions about procedure and policy are made by consensus through consultation within the committee, and with the faculty body as a whole. Significant changes that affect the Advancement process shall be brought to the faculty for consultation and a vote. In the event of a faculty vote, all full-time faculty members will be eligible to vote. Campus faculty will vote in person and online faculty will be provided with a voting web portal.

If a vote is required within the committee, such as an appeal of a Titling Application Review Panel decision, those members who have attended 50% of the meetings and/or who are considered to have made a significant contribution to the working of the committee shall be eligible to vote.

In the event that the Faculty Advancement Committee core group numbers more than fifteen, the committee may explore the usefulness of electing an ad hoc sub-committee to examine Title Application decision appeals.

Conflict of Interest: A Faculty Advancement Committee member who wishes to apply for an advanced title shall not take part in any discussion or decision that affects or concerns the review process, lobby committee or review panel members, or seek to influence the process in any way, for the relevant application period.