About the Initiative


A peer-led process to recognize the skills, experience and achievements of outstanding faculty at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

Evaluation of applications is carried out by the Title Application Review Panel under the auspices of the Faculty Advancement Committee (FAC). The conferring of a title signifies that a faculty member is held in high esteem by their colleagues and students; there are no tenure, salary or reduced course load implications.

It is intended that applications be invited annually for the titles of Associate Professor and Professor. At the time of the invitation, the timeline for the evaluation process will be announced, which will proceed thus:

  • Faculty Advancement Committee invites applications for specific title, announces schedule of information and¬†training sessions and the dates of the submission period
  • Application Review Panel is set up and inducted
  • When the application submission period ends the FAC collects and verifies applications, rejecting any that are incomplete or wrongly formatted, then makes them available to the Chair of the Application Review Panel
  • The Review Panel discusses and evaluates title applications, then reports their recommendations to the FAC.
  • The FAC reviews the process to ensure fairness and passes the recommendations to the Dean’s office
  • The Dean announces and congratulates the newly-titled faculty
  • The FAC assesses the process, discusses possible revisions, and archives application materials.

Please visit the other pages and be sure to check out the Frequently Asked Questions. For all other enquiries, please use the form on the Contact page.


Acknowledgements: The Faculty Advancement Committee would like to thank Stephen Butler, Alberta Certo, Sharon Fross, Jennifer Cooper, Greg Butler, and Dan Garland of the Education Team and George Sebolt, AiP President, for their past, present and continuing support of this faculty initiative.